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At Floridian Pest Management, we recognize a lawn isn’t just grass. A pretty lawn gives a sense of pride for you and your family, while also increasing the value of your home. That’s why our St Petersburg lawn care service offers an entire range of lawn fertilization, pest, disease, and weed management options.

Our St Petersburg Lawn Care Plan Consists of:

Complete Fertilization – Unlike some of our competitors who use basic low-quality fertilizer, our fertilizers are custom produced and blended solely for our based on University of Florida standards. Our fertilizers are formulated to trigger root development producing a stronger foundation improving its ability to withstand insects, weeds, fungus, and drought.

Insect Control – Our plan includes control of all surface feeding pests. We apply Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to decrease the use of chemicals to make your lawn greener and healthier. We examine your grass at every visit for surface feeding pests and pests in the soil. If we locate them, we swiftly treat them to keep them from harming your lawn.

Broadleaf Weed Control – We treat broadleaf weeds with every visit, not only during the winter. Due to the greater temperatures during the summer, herbicide rates may be decreased to minimize the stress on your lawn. Reducing the weeds is part of our total IPM strategy.

Disease Control – We offer control for common turf diseases like brown patch fungus, and gray leaf spot. These funguses can lead to substantial injury to your grass and can be tough to suppress. Depending on how severe the infected section is, there could be an additional cost.

All of our lawn care plans were developed adhering to the University of Florida’s horticultural suggestions especially for St Petersburg’s distinct climate. Our plans achieve amazing results when paired with the right mowing practices, as well as an efficiently functioning irrigation system. If you have any questions about the right mowing and irrigation practices, check out our blog or call our office.

Put Your Trust in Floridian

Our lawn care services are backed by over 25 years of local experience. We are continually developing our services through continuing education with the University of Florida. This continual education & training keeps all of our professionals on the cutting edge of the lawn care industry of Florida.

Let’s Get Started

Since no two lawns are the identical, we develop a tailor made lawn care program for your landscape. We perform a 16 point inspection to assess what your grasses needs and develop a plan to fit your grasses needs. For further information on our St Petersburg lawn care programs, or to request a free estimate, please contact us today at 727-344-2407.

You can learn more about common lawn insects on our Pest ID page.

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