Sprinkler repair and maintenance made easy.

Floridian Pest Management is known for growing great turf and now we’re making it easier than ever to care for your lawn. Floridian Pest Management offers complete irrigation system repairs and maintenance. Plus we now include remote monitoring of your system FREE!

We start with a FREE inspection and an 8 Point Irrigation Analysis. We then make any repairs necessary to get your system running efficiently. After that, we provide regular inspections and maintenance to your system.

Our 8 Point Irrigation Analysis

We are commitment to providing the best irrigation services in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and surrounding areas. That’s why we offer a complimentary 8-point irrigation analysis to determine the functionality and efficiency of your system. If there is a problem, one of our highly trained irrigation specialists will quickly find it and provide a solution.

Our 8-point irrigation analysis will assess your entire sprinkler system for the following:

1.       Properly functioning irrigation controller settings
2.       Properly functioning rain sensor (REQUIRED BY FLORIDA STATUTE 373.62)
3.       Properly functioning valves
4.       Broken or leaking pipes
5.       Broken, leaking, or clogged sprinkler heads
6.       Head to head sprinkler coverage
7.       Matched precipitation
8.       Correct zone calibration and efficiency

Irrigation Repairs & Updates

After making the necessary repairs, we will adapt your irrigation system to your current landscape. One of the most common problems is not having proper water coverage resulting in dry spots in your grass areas. This is a direct effect from not having proper heads, nozzles and layout. We can install the proper head and riser, or move heads for optimum coverage, and capping heads that are no longer necessary. You also cannot mix spray heads and rotor heads on the same valve due to their drastically different run times.

Our affordable Annual Sprinkler Maintenance Plan

Once your sprinkler system is running at peak performance, we want to keep it in top condition. Our affordable Annual Sprinkler Maintenance Plan and our expert repair service will help prevent costly damage, keep your sprinkler system functioning optimally year-round, and most importantly, conserve water.

Our affordable Annual Sprinkler Maintenance Plan Includes:

1.       Bi-Monthly onsite irrigation inspections to ensure top performance year-round
2.       Fine-tuning at each checkup for optimum coverage
3.       Covered repairs and service during you Bi-Monthly visit*
4.       Remote system monitoring and adjustments based on local weather and lawn care applications

Floridian provides certified repair services for all types of irrigation products including: Toro, Nelson, Rain Bird, Irritrol, K-Rain, and Hunter.