Call Us & Relax

At Floridian Pest Management, “Superior Service & Results” isn’t just a slogan, it’s a guarantee. Whether you’re looking for a healthier lawn and landscape, to keep pests out of your home or business, or to protect your property from damaging termites, Floridian Pest Management is the right choice. Call us and relax knowing we have you covered.

Termite Control

Floridian Pest Management quickly and effectively stop termites in their tracks and protect your home with one of the best guarantees in the industry.

Pest Control

Floridian Pest Management safely stops pests from invading your home or office. We include a FREE termite monitoring system and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Lawn Care

Floridian Pest Management can provide you with the lush, healthy lawn you really want. Our complete all inclusive lawn care service includes a sod replacement guarantee.

Shrub Care

Floridian Pest Management feeds yours shrubs while also protecting them from damaging insects and disease. We also offer programs specifically designed for palm trees.


Floridian Pest Management will identify any issues with your sprinkler system, get it functioning at its maximum efficiency, and provide routine preventative maintenance.

Mosquito Control

Floridian Pest Management treats your yard with a safe and effective barrier spray that kills mosquitoes on contact and will repel mosquitos for up to a month.